Vitamins and Minerals

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Vitamins and Minerals

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VITAMINS AND MINERALS are essential for metabolising energy substrates (proteins, carbs and fats). They assist in the building of tissues and ensure correct fluid balance in the intercellular and extracellular environments. They also reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress (free radical damage) experienced during exercise and are a carrier of oxygen and other important elements, which play fundamental roles in metabolic work.

It is important to understand that VITAMINS AND MINERALS WORK IN SYNERGY WITH ONE ANOTHER; their functions are intergrated and they rely heavily on each other. Athletes should endeavour to ingest the widest possible spectrum of vitamins and minerals, as a single source supplement of either may interfere with the nutrient balance. TO MAXIMISE VITAMIN INTAKE FROM DIET: *You should be eating a whole variety of colourful fruits and veg. *Try to eat fresh fruit and veg (those that are in season). *Don't overcook veg; COOKING TIMES REDUCE NUTRIENT CONTENT. In fact, try not cooking your veg at all - RAW IS THE WAY FORWARD (in most cases). Steaming your veg is better than boiling.

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