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Nutrient Timing

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After a workout it is important to ingest nutrients which will take your body from a cataboilc state to an anabolic state; the first 45 mins post-workout is crucial. Using a carb + protein supplement is neccessary to maintain the anabolic state and a heightened level of insulin sensitivity. In order to turn on the anabolic machinery, this mixture should be 3-4g of carbs for every... 1g of protein. Once the insulin pump has been primed carbs can be reduced and protein intake increased; this mix should be 1g to 5-8g of protein. At this point you are in the first segment of the growth phase - 'THE RAPID SEGMENT'. 

So, you would take the high carb to protein ratio mix straight after a workout and then the high protein to carb ratio mix around 2 hours later (Use Primal26 and Super-Carb). The small amount of carbs in this mix will keep the insulin pump operating at an optimum level, whilst limiting the amount of carbs available for conversion to fat. You should also include glutamine (Glutamine) in the rapid segment mix, as it will enhance the anabolic action on the protein synthesis and boost the immune system. The rapid segment lasts for 4 hours after a workout; it is then you enter segment 2 of the growth phase - 'THE SUSTAINED SEGMENT'. During the next 16-18 hours insulin levels are declining, however protein synthesis can still be sustained, but it will be at a slower rate than the rapid segment. At this point you should be supplementing with a protein shake with added glutamine between meals and at bedtime. It is important that this mix contains extremely low carbs (PRIMAL26 IS LOW CARB AND NO SUGAR), therefore not over-stimulating insulin production. Even without high levels of insulin, this mix will stimulate protein synthesis by raising the amino acid levels in your blood between meals. Your bedtime shake should contain a blend of proteins (Primal26); especially casein, as the anabolic response is longer lasting.

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