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Our Story.

Monkey Nutrition is a new kind of beast in a supplement world that too often markets poor quality products full of empty promises. We take care to ensure that each product uses the optimum ingredients for maximum impact on your growth, recovery and well-being. More importantly, we strongly advocate the supporting role our supplements play to a clean diet and consistent training schedule. Since we shook the supplement world in 2011 by launching a new level of quality, we’ve become the go to choice for those that demand more for their money. Our customers are the reason we do this and their success is what we measure our success by. Our TrustPilot reviews support this level of commitment to providing the highest quality products coupled with the best customer service in the business.

Who We Are.

Our staff are dedicated to sourcing the most bioavailable ingredients and providing formulations that go beyond the dogmatic, copycat supplements that have flooded the protein and supplements market in recent times.

With teams on both sides of the Atlantic that include some of the world’s leading food scientists, no expense is spared in designing the very best in nutrition, protein and supplementation.

What We Do

We bypass fads, gimmicks, cheap ingredients and fillers, to bring you performance driven products, supported by science and sourced in nature. Each formulation spares no expense in sourcing the highest grade ingredients to deliver uncompromising quality. We don’t just claim this, it’s supported in our numbers. As fitness enthusiasts around the world continue to raise the bar on what’s possible, we will continue to match that drive with outstanding supplements to support those endeavours.

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The Arena.

  • NEW! Primal26 Whey Protein Isolate Formula

    In 2012 we won the Men’s Health (UK) award for best protein shake with our groundbreaking Primal26 whey protein isolate. Since then many companies have tried to imitate, but none have come close. Primal26 is such a w... Read More

  • Intelligent Supplementation - Pre-Workout Combo

    For you creatine “non-responders”, or those who don’t want the caffeine hit and the tingling (paresthesia) of beta-alanine, look no further. Pre-workout strategy is like all supplementation, very subjective. How... Read More

  • Protein Rich Super Smoothie!

    This awesome nutrient dense shake can be used to enhance recovery after intense training, or as a general health shake. Tastes great and is extremely satiating! Ingredients: 1 Banana, 200ml Almond Milk, 200ml Water, ... Read More



Trustpilot Reviews.

Excellent 9.7/10 543 reviews on Trustpilot



great delivery time.



courier couldnt find my address, monkey nutrition contacted them and got my items delivered.


Great service, excellent product

Very happy with Monkey Nutrition as my regular supplement supplier. Their delivery is always prompt and every product has been excellent..


Quick delivery but sent one wrong product

I asked for primal26 in chocolate flavour as part of my order but I got primal26 pro delivered. The order number is 100002900 made on 14th sept..



very good and natural supplements, I have seen extreme gains from the Ape product particularly..


Love these products

Affordable and quality. Great website. Fast delivery with DPD which makes getting your products easier..