Are You in the Right Mood for Fat Loss?

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Are You in the Right Mood for Fat Loss?

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It’s not often that we write specifically about one of the products we sell, but the feedback on Moodulator; in the office, from our athletes and from customers has been so strong, that we’d like to dig a bit deeper into the multiple benefits of this excellent supplement.We’re firm advocates of the ‘no magic pill’ approach. Nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and exercise/activity are essential for a healthy, sane human being. Some of the stuff we see on the internet makes us weep: ‘The miracle pill that has doctors scratching their heads’ ‘The pill Hollywood stars don’t want you to know about’ ‘No wonder the NFL is banning this supplement’ Etc etc, con artists that will sign you up to a direct debit based on the fallacy that a magical pill exists.

Spare us. It doesn't.

That said, you can definitely get some big nudges in the right direction from supplementation when you take care of sleep, nutrition and movement. And from what we’ve seen, Moodulator gives a nudge bigger than most. We originally designed the product in 2010 to assist with sleep and improve mood, however, the knock on effects of this are having a big impact on physique and well being. It’s down to the hormonal balancing that takes place which is a key driver in how the autonomic nervous system (ANS) works - and in turn how the body works. The two branches of the ANS are parasympathetic and sympathetic. Put simply, sympathetic is the stress (fight or flight) and parasympathetic is the relax (rest and digest).

The important nutrient here is acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that helps us migrate into a more relaxed state of being. You’ve heard this phrase before - due to our fast paced lifestyle - well it’s true. We're little balls of stress, pin balling around in the game of life, trying to get ahead, and our body is too often in a state of sympathetic dominance. Aside from the stresses of daily life, such as your girlfriend watching X-factor, the cat doing a shit on the carpet, your boss busting your chops - we’re also plied with stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc and with electrical stimulants such as WIFI, TV, fluorescent lighting. Thus keeping us firmly embedded in a state of stress.

This creates a surplus of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which are unable to regulate themselves and have no negative feedback loop. The body in essence won’t switch these off automatically. There is no stop cock, it’s down to you.  As numerous studies have shown, stressed people struggle to lose fat and gain muscle due to these hormones. Stress also reduces the amount of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter allows you to relax, regulates sleep and buffers mood. In addition, stress reduces the amount of serotonin receptors in the frontal lobe, meaning they are less responsive to the dwindling amounts of serotonin that do arrive. In short, low serotonin levels means more tension, terrible sleep and changeable moods.

To be clear, being in either a constant state of stress or a constant state of relax is no good. Life is about the balance of stress/relax. Going too far into either one of these branches will create mental and physical health problems. Though it’s fair to say that the majority of today’s humans struggle to come out of the stressed state. Often using chemicals such as alcohol to assist.The game plan with Moodulator is therefore to assist production of acetylcholine by providing all the necessary nutrients and precursors.

The first focus is an uplift in essential B vitamins and magnesium in the correct formats to cover deficiencies. Several studies support the notion that GABA increases the production of human growth hormone and DMAE further supports the production of acetylcholine.When the neuro endocrine pathways are balanced we fall asleep easily, awake refreshed, eat accurately for our energy needs (nutrient dependent) and have the energy to perform and move effectively.The deeper sleep that ensues after taking moodulator, allows the body to regulate stress hormones and produce more anabolic hormones for recovery, muscle growth and fat loss.

Ever eat more when you don’t sleep well? That’s due to the grehlin and leptin dynamic that needs balancing with deep quality sleep. Without these hormones that help to regulate appetite we tend to overeat. It could also be due to deficiencies in neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and GABA that our brain overeats and makes bad food choices. Lovers of high fat junk foods such as hamburgers, pizza and creamy deserts may be suffering from low levels of acetylcholine. Research has also shown GABA deficient subjects tend to be emotional eaters as the imbalances cause them to turn to food for comfort.

The knock on domino effect of sleep on performance, health, well being and physique is completely underestimated. As is the importance of reducing stress and coming up with useful strategies to do this. With a reduction in stress hormones comes a reduction in the fat that sits around the middle, lower belly, hips and lower back - you know the type.

Is Moodulator a magic pill then? Nope, but it covers some huge ground in the fight for a lean body and a happy, sharp mind by balancing mood, improving sleep and leaning out body composition all at the same time. When combined with our high EPA/DHa Fish Oil, stress doesn’t stand a chance. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s some customer and athlete feedback:

“This little product right here is nothing short of FANTASTIC. Having suffered from bouts of depression, anxiety, low mood, sleep problems etc for most of my life, I can honestly say Monkey Nutrition's Moodulator has been a real benefit to me. Absolute life saver actually!"Strict dieting is not easy for anyone and some of you will know only too well about Diet Rage. I have been happy and positive, and sleeping like a baby so far during this prep, total change from the last time I competed in 2013!” Amy Cowell - Bikini Athlete

"As a firefighter, shift working and incidents can have a major impact on my sleeping patterns. Couple that with the stresses of everyday life and running a second business as an insanity instructor, and it becomes clear why my recovery/sleep time needs to be the best it can be....Step forward Moodulator!This is probably the most invaluable part of my nutrition. As well as getting the recovery I need, I feel more 'chilled' in general when taking it. Beware, the first week you may experience freaky dreams.... they are pretty funny." Tim Bee - Firefighter and Insanity Instructor

"After nearly 20yrs of sleeplessness and sleep related issues, I was desperate. I couldn't just accept I had an active lifestyle and overactive mind.I sought medical help and took very strong medicines that brought on an artificial sleep with many negative side affects. I tried with some good effect GABA and then along came Moodulator which was exactly what I'd been looking for. A natural calming of the brain activity which encourages a peaceful deep sleep. A daily dose also brought bout a calm, clean positive mood for at at least half the day. I encourage anyone with similar difficulties to try this product on a 3 days on 3 days off cycle and remember less. is more. This product can and probably will be that difference you are looking for." Michael Stapleton - Monkey Nutrition Customer

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