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The first product that comes to mind in a fitness context is usually protein powder. With a wealth of benefits that include helping to build and repair lean muscle tissue, it’s little wonder that protein powders have become a staple in the diet of most gym goers. As far as choice goes, there’s a wider variety of protein powders on the market than ever before; unfortunately their popularity has paved the way for the internet to become flooded with sub standard products that are going to do nothing for your body.

At Monkey Nutrition, our products have been formulated using only optimum ingredients, before being rigorously tested to bring you the best performing protein powders and supplements on the market. Although most commonly used for gaining lean muscle mass, protein powders and supplements have a variety of benefits and can even be used to lose weight rather than gain it. The best type of protein for your body will vary depending on your goals and training program, but generally a high quality whey protein such as our award winning Primal26 will be a great all-rounder to accompany most training routines.

The key to gaining results from any training program is, of course, to stick to a healthy lifestyle, including a clean diet. As it’s not always possible with a busy lifestyle to get enough of what your body needs after a tough workout, protein powders are a great way to supplement your intake when you’re on the go. Our range of protein powders offers you the best quality on the market, giving you much more effective products.

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