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Before, During Or After Your Workout?

It is important to understand exactly what is occurring within your body during and after exercise and to address this accordingly. Once you do this the gains you seek to achieve will come thick and fast!

During exercise you lose vitamins and minerals and increase the adrenal production of the stress hormone Cortisol; leading to an increase in protein degradation (it eats your muscle!), a decrease in protein synthesis and a weakened immune system. In response to the stresses of intense exercise the body enters a state of metabolic super-compensation, in an attempt to restore and attain balance and calm within. This super-compensation means the necessary production of anabolic hormones such as insulin, and IGF-1; these are required to provide maximal protein synthesis and to restore the negative effects of cortisol; leading ultimately to muscle recovery and growth.

However protein synthesis cannot rely on the production of these anabolic hormones alone and requires energy in the form of carbs, a free amino acid pool and certain other nutrients; in order to provide the perfect environment for faster recovery and growth.

The correct selection and amounts of nutrients as well as the timing of this nutritional intake will have a major impact on muscle recovery and are also important for replacing lost fluid and electrolytes, replenishing glycogen and minimizing muscle stress. In a bid to achieve this you should be consuming a complete protein powder; especially post workout.

When it comes to an all-round, complete protein powder, you won't find a product anywhere on the planet that can match the stats of Monkey M-Fusion. This formidable formula; developed in the USA, means Monkey M-Fusion can be used as a pre, intra or post workout supplement and can sustain an energy release for a number of hours.

The task of blending all these ingredients into one super-powder is far from easy and requires precise amounts of each component to ensure maximal activity in the body and superb taste! Each 2 scoop serving will provide you with 26g of protein, 26g of carbs, full amino acid complexes and 14 other vital muscle building, energy enhancing, joint replenishing and recovery components.

Monkey M-Fusion contains maltodextrin, which is absorbed as rapidly as glucose, but has none of the negative effects. This rate of release, means small and regular dispensation of glucose amounts into the bloodstream; therefore reducing the risk of gaining body fat. As a complex carbohydrate, maltodextrin is an important energy replenisher and makes Monkey M-Fusion a perfect supplement to take before, during or after your workout. Working in unison with maltodextrin is creatine monohydrate; creatine mono travels to the muscles via the bloodstream, where it is converted to creatine phosphate. It is at this point it fulfils its role in replenishing the body's reserves of ATP.

Studies show us that during short term intermittent maximal exercise and resistance training with sufficient rest; it is the creatine-phosphate system that is depleted. The presence of large amounts of lactate whilst exercising is an indication that the creatine-phosphate system is reaching its limits. Symptoms of this build up are pain, soreness and a burning sensation within the muscle. The addition of 5g of creatine mono to Monkey M-Fusion will increase the length of time the creatine-phosphate system can be used for and reduce the time it takes to replenish resting creatine levels.

So with the creatine-phosphate system addressed, it is now important to look at what happens if you up the pace of your workout. As soon as you significantly increase the number of reps, up your sprint and decrease the rest period, you force your body past the limited supply of the creatine-phosphate system. At this point the body turns to glycogen for energy and the more sets you perform to failure, the greater the depletion of stored glycogen.

This is where the unison between creatine and maltodextrin comes in. As the body has now pushed itself past the creatine-phosphate system, it will be relying on the ingested maltodextrin to sustain performance. These carbs are of particular importance to maximal exercise performance and have positive effects on anabolic hormones.

A carbohydrate and protein complex is much more efficient when it comes to muscle glycogen re-synthesis than a carb only supplement; hence the 26g of protein in Monkey M-Fusion. This combination proves much more effective at giving an insulin spike post-workout and this resulting  spike will provide for a 38% faster glycogen storage rate than a carb only supplement.

The importance of an insulin spike post-workout is without question, as it is responsible for increasing glycogenesis, protein synthesis and inhibiting cortisol. Insulin is also involved in the influx of amino acids into muscle cells; promoting growth over a 24 hour period and goes a long way to preventing an exercise induced catabolic state of protein degradation.

The benefits of drinking a protein and carb combo supplement during training are numerous and include:

• Improved aerobic and anaerobic endurance • Decreased stress response to training • Decreased acute phase inflammatory damage after training • Improved immune function post training • Improved whole body rehydration • Improved muscle and liver glycogen re-synthesis • Increased muscle protein synthesis • Better and faster recovery from training • Increased use of fat for energy at rest as well as during training • Decreased muscle protein break down • Reduced muscle soreness and perception of fatigue

Research shows us that athletes drinking a combo of protein and carbs benefitted from all of the above, whereas athletes using an energy drink high in carbs, sugars and often caffeine did not.

The introduction of cinnamon may come as a surprise to some, but this spice plays an important part in the insulin spike, it also  boosts metabolism, facilitates thermogenesis, reduces circulating lipids, LDL and total cholesterol. Cinnamon potentiates the release of insulin, enhancing insulin binding in muscle cells and this leads to more effective uptake of creatine, amino acids and glucose by muscle tissue.

It is interesting to note that for creatine to be absorbed more effectively you would need to consume around 20g of glucose per gram of creatine! Obviously doing this on a regular basis would be counter-productive to fat loss and may result in insulin resistance. The fact that cinnamon potentiates the release of insulin makes this spice an absolute must have in a post workout supplement; giving you an insulin spike that is more reliant on the actions of the cinnamon, rather than the actions of excessive amounts of sugars.

Other important components of Monkey M-Fusion include: 25mg of Vitamin B6 (1250% GDA), Glucosamine Sulphate (500mg), MSM (500mg), Tongkat Ali (200mg), Rhodiola Rosea (50mg) and Alpha Lipoic Acid (25mg).

Vitamin B6 is the only vitamin directly tied to protein intake, making it a vital ingredient in any complete protein supplement. Necessary for protein metabolism and for fuel metabolism during exercise, B6 has also been shown to convert dopa to dopamine in the body and therefore increasing growth hormone. Vitamin B6 is also essential for the synthesis and break down of amino acids and for the production of body proteins and haemoglobin.

The combination of Glucosamine Sulphate and MSM makes for a formidable joint saving complex. Together these ingredients relieve muscle pain, joint soreness and stiffness, joint inflammation and aid the repair of cartilage tissues, making this combo an integral part of Monkey M-Fusion. Glucosamine Sulphate stimulates the growth and repair of cartilage tissues. The purpose of MSM is as a synergistic ingredient that aids the glucosamine in working better and promoting faster relief. MSM sustains cell flow-through; allowing harmful substances to flow out and beneficial nutrients to flow into the cells. This prevents pressure build up, which ultimately leads to inflammation in the joints and muscle.

Monkey M-Fusion contains the well-known testosterone booster Tribulus and the not so well known Tongkat Ali. The latter is a herb native to South-East Asia which enhances the levels of endogenous testosterone in the body, while at the same time reducing the levels of any metabolically inactive testosterone. Lab reports on various male subjects showed Tongkat Ali increased testosterone levels by 30%-50% in most cases, but in others there was an increase of more than 100%!

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant used in traditional medicine in Eastern Europe and Asia and has been shown to contain compounds that have strong antioxidant properties; protecting against the effects of free radicals. As an adaptogen, Rhodiola enhances the body's ability to cope with the stresses of rigorous exercise; particularly the stress hormone cortisol which breaks down muscle and lowers muscle glycogen levels. Studies show that Rhodiola Rosea enhances performance, reduces or even eliminates fatigue and has a protective effect on the heart. Research also shows that the consumption of Rhodiola for 20 days significantly improved physical fitness and significantly reduced mental fatigue (Spasov et al 2000).

Reinforcing the antioxidant properties of Rhodiola is Alpha Lipoic Acid, which as well as removing the free radicals that slow down the recovery process, also assists in the delivery of creatine, carbs and essential nutrients to the muscles. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also heavily involved in the biosynthesis of a vital coenzyme that aids the production of ATP.

Monkey M-Fusion contains Essential, Branched Chain and Additional Amino Acid complexes. During exercise, protein break down increases and there is no rise in protein synthesis; therefore it is important to supplement with Aminos before, during and after a workout, as this will promote anabolism and minimize catabolism. Of all the Amino Acids it is the Branched Chains that should be given particular attention; when used during exercise these will rapidly create energy for the working muscle cells, due to the fact that they are not regulated by the liver and are allowed to pass directly into circulation for quick use in muscle protein synthesis.

When taken during and after a workout Essential Amino Acids will promote huge increases in protein balance; these aminos are also responsible for the development of all the body's enzymes, including digestive enzymes.

So there you have it; a long winded, but important analysis and explanation of the most superior complete protein product on the market today!

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