Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Omega 3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA have been shown to be extremely beneficial to athletes. It appears that the main advantage of taking omega 3 fatty acids is that they enhance aerobic metabolic processes, which results in improved athletic performance, as well as enhancing the body's ability to effectively burn fat as an energy substrate.

Some other potential benefits include:

  • Improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and other tissues because of reduced blood viscosity.
  • Improved aerobic metabolism because of enhanced delivery of oxygen to cells.
  • Improved release of somatotropin (growth hormone) in response to normal stimuli, such as exercise, sleep and hunger, which may have an anabolic effect or improve post-exercise recovery time.
  • Reduction of inflammation caused by muscular fatigue and overexertion, which may improve post-exercise recovery time.
  • Possible prevention of tissue inflammation.

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