NEW! Primal26 Whey Protein Isolate Formula

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NEW! Primal26 Whey Protein Isolate Formula

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In 2012 we won the Men’s Health (UK) award for best protein shake with our groundbreaking Primal26 whey protein isolate. Since then many companies have tried to imitate, but none have come close. Primal26 is such a well processed product, cost at manufacturing level scared other companies away from releasing a “like for like” product because it doesn’t offer the profit margins, and so the only protein powder on the UK market to better our Primal26 is the Primal26 PRO.

The success of Primal26 whey protein isolate is down to its digestibility (even without an enzyme complex - such as that found in the PRO), extremely high biological activity and net protein utilisation (NPU) - which measures nitrogen retention. It's important to understand a positive nitrogen balance is required for an anabolic environment whereby muscle can be repaired and built. Cheap powders will have a low NPU, meaning nitrogen retained will be relatively low compared to nitrogen excreted and in some cases nitrogen excreted will actually be more than retained - these are the cheapest and nastiest of all powders, which consumers are naively tricked into buying because the price sounds like a bargain! - We’ve said it before and we’ll be saying it for a very long time to come - YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - WAKE UP WORLD!!

At Monkey we are constantly striving to improve where we can and although we can’t (at this time) improve on the Primal26 PRO advanced whey protein isolate (which is literally light years ahead of other powders), we can tweak and modify existing powders to ensure you the consumer are receiving the best quality we can possibly offer. Our latest adjustments are to the original Primal26 formulation, which (old formulation) was very clean compared to other powders on the UK market, as it used the smallest amount of artificial ingredients possible for a powder of its type. Since then, we have opted to change the flavouring system which now uses only 100% all natural ingredients and is GMO free. Using an all natural flavouring system has meant an increase in carb content - from around 1 g per 30 g serving to approx 2 g per 33.5 g serving for French Vanilla/Wild Strawberry and approx 4 g for Velvet Chocolate. The extra 3.5 g scoop serving size reflects to a certain extent the additional carbs coming from the new all natural flavouring system, which now also includes Monk Fruit to help sweeten, as well as Stevia. Monk Fruit helps to provide a natural sweetness and a flavour balance which enhances consumer experience without adding any further calories. Monkey Nutrition are the only company in the UK to use Monk Fruit in our protein powder. Naturally occurring sugars will be less than 1 g per serving.

Using natural cocoa powder also means there will be some carb left over after processing, which accounts for the extra 2 g in the Velvet Chocolate formula. (Cocoa powder is just over 50% carb)

It is worth noting our protein content of 26 g per serving is measured on an “as is” basis, whereas many other companies measure on a “dry” basis (and don’t always stipulate!). If we were to use the “dry” basis measurement, our protein content would actually be much closer to 30 g. Supplement companies providing the “dry” basis measurement do so in order to make their protein formulations appear more valuable than they actually are. A “dry" basis measurement provides the percent of protein based on total solids present, excluding water. However, all spray dried powders contain some moisture - around 5% and therefore a 90% protein content claim for a powder means 90% of the 95% solids in that powder is protein. This equates to values anywhere from 85.5% to 86.5% protein measured on an “as is” basis. It is important to know the “as is” protein content of a powder because this is the protein “as you will be using it”. Similarly, when you are comparing the protein contents of various powders, you need to know the “as is” content - It’s no good comparing a powder with a 90% “dry basis” value against an 85% “as is” value and being conned into thinking you’re getting a better buy with the “dry” basis measurement - you’re not and the reality is, the “90%” powder actually has a protein content of 85.5%-86.5%. Sure your protein provider may only be doing you out of 1-2 g, but it’s the principle - you the consumer deserve the hard facts which help increase your gains, not the blurred facts which help increase company profits!

In short, the most biologically active whey isolate on the UK market just got an upgrade and is a whole new taste sensation you won’t forget!

*The upgraded Primal26 formulation will be available from October 2016. We will be releasing French Vanilla & Velvet Chocolate first, with Wild Strawberry to follow.

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