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Protein & Pearls is the brainchild of Kirsty Sulston, Lauren Barber and Sarah Crichton, who share a mutual passion for everything nutrition, lifting weights … and smashing life in general! There are buckets of motivational messages out there on the web, but it’s inspiring to see how three ‘normal’ girls are embracing healthy decisions in life. So what is it that keeps these life-loving-monkeys motivated?

Strong people lift you up

The term ‘surround yourself with the right people and you can conquer the world’ rings true with us girls and this is the main driving force behind Protein & Pearls. It might sound cheesy, but one of our biggest motivations is our fellow females. You will no doubt have seen the Always advert #likeagirl... This is something that really bothers us! Girls CAN run, girls CAN throw and girls CAN definitely lift! Just search #girlswholift or #strongwomen on Instagram and you will be inundated with inspiring images proving this very point!

Hitting the big 3-0

Despite having body hang ups throughout our younger years, we’ve recently hit our thirties, and instead of the typical meltdown about growing older (but never growing up!) we have embraced this milestone and realised that looking after our health will ensure longevity! Someone once said that the body you have when you are 30 is the body you will have for the rest of your life – whether this is true or not we aren’t going to take a chance, and are getting stronger, fitter and healthier – long may that continue! It has also spread confidence to other areas of our lives; from changing careers to making decisions for the better in our personal lives. We now think that lifting weights should come with a disclaimer: “Warning! You may unleash life-changing confidence! This is why our tagline, ‘just three girls who decided to go for it’ inspires us on a daily basis!

Rising to the challenge

There is a definite trend to ‘push the boundaries’ of training and break the myth that girls shouldn’t lift weights for fear of turning into the incredible hulk. We love the fact more women are tackling challenges that were previously dominated by guys! Obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder and ‘strong girl’ competitions are just the start! There is nothing that motivates us more than seeing a boy at the gym lifting lighter weights than us! Setting ourselves a challenge – whether it’s a PB on squats, an improved sprint pace, or lifting an extra 0.5kg from week to week; goal setting is imperative to our progress!

All the gear…

Yes we know that appearances are not everything but let’s face it – despite the bravado we are still girly girls at heart – hence the ‘pearls’ element to our brand! Who doesn’t love a bit of fashion and glamour? Gone are the days when it was black leggings and white trainers – in our eyes the brighter the better! If we are ever in a training lull then treating ourselves to crazy leggings or a neon top is guaranteed to get us back to the gym – if for nothing else than the look of horror on our PT’s face as they reach for the sunglasses!

Pose for the camera

We are lucky enough to work with an amazing photographer who takes shots of us in the gym when to keep us motivated. It’s amazing to share these photos on our blog and get positive feedback, and seeing the progress from month to month reaffirms that what we are doing is positive. So much better than the scales, which can actually be de-motivating when you’re building muscle!!

Above all it must be FUN

That saying ‘time flies when you are having fun’ is essential when it comes to fitness! Doing the wrong – or long - workouts can become a chore, however finding something that we enjoy – whether we are training on our own or together – makes exercise something to look forward to! We train together at least once a week and these sessions, while hard and challenging, are always fun! We keep a lid on the gossip until AFTER training, but putting on some great music and timing our rest periods means time passes before you know it!

Protein & Pearls top tips for staying motivated

- Crank up the tunes – nothing gets you moving a bit quicker than a beat! We love going back to our younger years with a bit of Kisstory!

- Join a class and meet other people who like similar training. Our gym (the Strength & Conditioning Institute in Tonbridge, Kent) has a fantastic “FitGirl” class all about strength and conditioning! Think tyre flipping, rope climbing and sled dragging – and that is just for starters!

- Take photos – even if it is just for your own personal viewing – crack out a #selfie and watch your changes over the months!

- Buddy up with others and set a time to train – you won’t want to let each other down so it will make you get moving even on the days you don’t feel like it!

-  Join Instagram – there is a hashtag for everything, and whenever we need a boost we search hashtags like #strong #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation and within seconds we’re fired up again! Don’t forget to search #proteinandpearls as well!

-  Set yourself goals. Long term goals are important, but more important are short term goals. If you only ever set yourself targets that are far off in the distance you may feel like giving up before you get there. For example, we have a long term goal to do a strict muscle up – but in the mean time we are looking to achieve more reps on our pull ups to help us get there!

- Keep reading – there are so many fabulous articles out there on blogs and websites, and learning more about why and what you are doing gives you a great foundation for truly understanding your actions!

- Mix it up a bit; change your workout routines on a regular basis, add some HIIT training or intervals at the end of your workout, keep your body guessing and your mind interested. If you are not sure what changes to make always speak to a qualified trainer and they will give you some ideas to suit your body and fitness levels.

- Balance –training can become fairly addictive – however make sure you retain a bit of balance in your life. Rest days are an important part of your training, and, while we totally advocate discipline, we also think it is important to stay balanced and take time out with friends and family!

We hope that next time you are feeling a little flat or de-motivated you will remember some of our tips and advice, slip on your trainers and get moving. To join us on our journeys head over to or follow us on twitter @proteinpearls.

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