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How Hard Will You Work?!

This workout includes six different stations, two exercises per station, with suicide shuttle runs between each station. Each station consists of a cardiovascular workout and a muscular endurance workout. This should take 45 seconds per exercise moving straight onto the next exercise (total of 1 minute 30 seconds workout each station) and then straight into suicide shuttle runs – three cones, sprint to each cone and back. When you have completed a station and suicide run rest for 1 minute and move onto the next station. This circuit can be done on your own, but is better performed as part of a group, as it will create a competitive environment....competition is healthy!

Station 1 - Skipping Front plank Suicide run – 1min rest

Station 2 - Hurdle jumps Gecko press Suicide run – 1min rest

Station 3 -  Burpee Bicep curl (resistance band) Suicide run – 1min rest

Station 4 -  Mountain climbers Med ball squat with press Suicide run – 1min rest

Station 5 -  Step ups Tricep dips Suicide run – 1min rest

Station 6 -  Arm blasters Squat with row (resistance band) Suicide run – 1min rest

Equipment needed: Skipping ropes, small hurdles, resistance bands (different intensities), medicine balls (different weights) , cones

Exercise breakdown:

Gecko press – progression from a simple press up, same technique but on the downwards phase raise one knee up towards elbow alongside the body then straighten leg back to normal press up position on push up. Switch knees on the next downwards phase.

Mountain climbers – place hands on small wall or step up step. Bring one knee up high towards chest then back to floor switching legs each time. Pump knees fast keeping back and head straight.

Med ball squat with press – hold medicine ball in hands, squatting down in to squat position remembering to keep back straight and knees bent. Extend legs fully out thrusting pelvis forward raising med ball high above your head extending arms out.

Arm blasters – keeping legs as straight as possible extend arms fully out touching the floor. Using hands walk them towards you as far as possible keeping legs straight then walk hands back out away from you. Repeat this process. Feel the burn!

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