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This is a product of starch ( usually corn and wheat ) which is so highly processed it is rendered gluten free. Easily digestible and absorbed as rapidly as glucose, maltodextrin can be almost flavourless and is perfect for sustained liquid energy, due to its rate of release into the bloodstream.

All ingested carbohydrates enter our bloodstream as glucose where they are used for energy, stored as glycogen in muscle cells, or converted into triglycerides and stored as body fat. Only so much of this glucose can be stored within muscle cells before they are full, too much at any one time results in the release of insulin, which then deposits the excess as stored fat to be used at a later date. Slowing the release of carbohydrates down makes it easier for the body to handle, resulting in small regular releases of glucose into the bloodstream, enabling the body to use this glucose much more efficiently thus reducing the risk of gaining body fat.

Facilitating rapid delivery and absorption of vital nutrients by muscle tissues, means maltodextrin helps bulk up muscle mass, increase energy levels and quickly replenish carbohydrate stores depleted during workouts.

Maltodextrin can sustain energy release for a number of hours and this is the main reason why once mixed with water on its own, maltodextrin is far superior than the fast releasing carbohydrates often found in cheap weight gainers and poorly processed protein powders.

Each 50g serving of maltodextrin will provide around 190 calories, 47g of carbohydrate and less than 2g of proteins and fat. Combine maltodextrin (Super-Carb) and Primal26 to create the perfect on the go meal!

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