Guide to Protein Powders - Differences and Benefits

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Guide to Protein Powders - Differences and Benefits

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Which protein should I use?

It’s one of the more common questions we get, so to make life easy for everyone, here’s a user guide to the Monkey Nutrition Protein Range.

Primal26 - Whey Protein Isolate

What is it? Primal26 is our best selling product. The first differentiation to make is that it’s a whey protein isolate, not a concentrate or a blend. It is a single source whey protein isolate.

Primal26 differs further from other whey protein isolates due to the molecular sieves used in the processing. They ensure Primal26 retains all the minor peptides and sub-fractions. More importantly they yield a higher concentration of Alpha-lactalbumin - a sub-fraction prevalent in human mother’s milk. This sub-fraction is easily digested by humans and is used for everything from tissue growth and repair to immune functions.

Most protein powders have a higher concentration of beta-lactoglobulin (50-60%) due to more rudimentary processing. This sub-fraction is prevalent in cow’s milk and not human milk, surprise surprise. It makes sense that if it hasn’t been processed out the amounts will be high, as whey comes from cow’s milk. The human body doesn't recognise beta-lactoglobulin, creating an immune response as opposed to digestion and assimilation. Hence, cheaper protein shakes often give you a bloated stomach and gas, unlike the well processed Primal26.

To sweeten we’ve used plant based stevia in Primal26 as opposed to artificial sweeteners. The amino acid profile which is included on the label is exemplary, with the ideal leucine content for protein synthesis. It’s sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, fat free and cholesterol free. For the reasons mentioned above, Primal26 won Best Protein with Men’s Health Magazine in 2012 and is still the reigning champion.

How and when should it be used? It’s an extremely versatile protein and in particular the vanilla flavour works great in smoothies and mixes well with fruit.  As it’s a whey protein isolate, Primal26 is ideal for those who have mild sensitivities to dairy. The most effective use is as a shake either an hour before training, or after training to ensure amino acids are in abundance for protein synthesis.

Who should use this protein? In short, everyone would benefit from using this protein.  To be more specific it is ideal for weight loss, cutting and lean muscle growth. If you’re lactose or gluten intolerant then this is also the protein for you. We’ve also had a surprisingly large amount of anecdotal feedback from people suffering from autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and Meneres disease who believe Primal26 has played a major role in reducing their symptoms.

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Primal26 PRO - Whey Protein Isolate with ProHydrolase

What is it? The latest in the protein range, Primal26 PRO is an upgraded version of Primal26. The main difference is the addition of the ProHydrolase enzyme. This enzyme assists the body in digesting and assimilating protein sub-fractions, even the beta-lactoglobulin mentioned above.

Clinical trials have shown that the addition of the ProHydrolase enzyme results in: • 3 x the protein absorbed through the digestive tract* • 55 x more amino acids in the bloodstream*

*When compared to leading protein powders that contain a digestive enzyme complex.

Small tweaks, such as replacing soy lecithin with non GMO sunflower lecithin and using organic cacao combined with stevia to flavour the chocolate option, takes care of the details to make Primal26PRO an incredibly clean protein - it's 100% free from any artificial ingredients.

How and when should it be used? As Primal26, however, due to the high assimilation rate, just 1/2 a scoop will also give excellent results and still provide more assimilated protein than a normal serving size of other protein powders.

Who should use this protein? If you want the best protein powder on planet earth, then use this one.

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Primal Whey - Whey Protein Concentrate

What is it? Primal Whey is a concentrate not an isolate and has undergone less processing which results in a higher fat content. This means fats, cholesterol and lactose are still in the powder. It’s also rich in branch chain amino acids and glutamine.

As an added bonus, due to the fats being retained the taste is amazing with a very creamy texture.

How and when should it be used? As a high protein snack in between or with meals.  The most effective use is as a shake either an hour before training or after training to ensure amino acids are in abundance for protein synthesis. It’s ideal for baking; use in protein cakes, cookies and breads.

Who should use this protein? It really is a multipurpose protein ideal for everyone, but particularly those on a budget. Not being as highly processed brings the manufacturing cost down, so Primal Whey suits all pockets. Those on a bulk or hell bent on weight gain and growth as a goal, should also use Primal24.

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Primal23 - Egg White Protein

What is it? Primal 23 is an egg white protein, and an excellent alternative to eating a tonne of eggs, or struggling with liquid egg whites. As an alternative to the whey proteins in our range, Primal23 offers excellent nitrogen retention for increased muscle growth. This is essential in aesthetic pursuits, where optimum muscle growth and size is key. A positive nitrogen balance in the muscles is necessary for growth, and defines the body being in an anabolic state (building of muscle tissue). A negative nitrogen balance where the muscle loses more than it retains, will result in catabolism (breakdown of muscle tissue).

Research on the glycoproteins in egg white protein is also proving promising, with many sub-fractions having antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Primal23 is also sweetened with stevia and processed to a high level, ensuring retention of the important immune building glycoproteins.

How and when should it be used? Primal23 can be used in much the same way as Primal26 and Primal24. It’s great to cycle this protein in and out, as the amino acid profile is different to the other whey based proteins. This keeps the body guessing and provides fresh stimulus. If you’re making protein pancakes then this is definitely the protein to be using.

Who should use this protein? Figure athletes, bodybuilders and anyone serious about aesthetics and muscle growth. It’s also a great option for people that have a strong intolerance to dairy.

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X- Blend - Protein Blend

What is it? Previously unheard of in the supplement world, X-Blend is a blend of ten different proteins, mainly constituting the finest quality whey protein concentrate, milk protein, whey protein isolate and egg white protein.

Added Lactoferrin and Glycoproteins survive the initial stages of digestion leaving the peptides in tact for increased recovery and heightened immunity.

Due to the high levels of milk protein and casein, X-Blend mixes into a rich, thick shake that is extremely satiating.

How and when should it be used? X-Blend is an excellent night time protein; the multi-speed release of the various proteins ensures a constant supply of amino acids. It can also be used in between meals or after training sessions. We’ve found X-Blend to be the best protein for use in making protein bars and protein puddings. Mix X-Blend with almond milk and a little almond butter for an awesome taste, but be mindful for the potential of developing an addiction!

Who should use this protein? Serious strength athletes and those that require more from their recovery powder.

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M-Fusion - All-in-one Recovery Powder

What is it? M-Fusion is an all-in-one formula for total body recovery, following intense physical activity. The ingredients work to assist the muscles, CNS (central nervous system) and endocrine system in their return to balance and readiness.

The main staples of protein, carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine and testosterone boosters are in abundance, alongside herbal adaptogens known for their restorative and beneficial qualities.

How and when should it be used? After intense physical activity is the ideal time to use M-Fusion.

Who should use this protein? Anyone with intense physical activity in their life, particularly those involved in demanding athletic pursuits, strength training and activities involving power movements.

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