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Bionic - A Saving Grace

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Bullet proof – a buzz word (or phrase…) that is thrown around a lot recently.  “Bullet proof coffee!” “Bullet Proof body!” “Bullet proof gym shoes / protein bars / protection / cars / lifestyle” “Raaawwwwhhhhhhh!!” But why though… please?

Definition: Bullet proof – an adjective, meaning capable of resisting or absorbing the impact of a bullet.

Ah ha… yes handy.

A pretty beneficial feature of any such product pertaining to the need to be ‘impenetrable’… though I am certainly no expert.  Why then are we using such a term to define products / things / services that have nothing to do with being shot at, or (pardon the term) ‘penetrated’.

Cause it sounds frickin’ cool – that’s why.  But actually we recognise with this term to mean ‘fool-proof’ or ‘really bloody good’ or similar.

Which is why I think Monkey Nutrition used it in their description of their post workout supplement stack – BIONIC – Muscle Soreness Assist.  A meticulously selected ‘combination of proteolytic enzymes and other important recovery components, which may mitigate the intensity of delayed onset muscle soreness.’

Monkey Nutrition sent me a course of BIONIC at the start of January as my training was due to begin ramping up for the notorious CrossFit Open. I had read a little research previously on some of the components used in the stack but was still a little dubious as to how this convenient little packet of monstrously sized pills (5 capsules & 4 tablets) could make me ‘less sore’. Could it really be that easy?

When you look at the breakdown of ingredients you start to realise that yes, actually it just might be…

The ‘stack’ is broken down into a few different blends including a generous muti vitamin and mineral complex, with all the expected Vit D3… C… Calcium… Magnesium etc… and some unique blends such as the ‘D.O.M.S Assist Matrix’.

Right… so what makes it so potent??

First of all… turmeric.

Any marginally informed fitness pro’ will tell you that turmeric is in their list of top ingredients for performance and aesthetically driven athletes alike.  A natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent – turmeric can be helpful in supporting the immune system – which after hard training is vulnerable.   Turmeric, or rather the curcumin it contains, has anti-inflammatory properties that will help relieve symptoms from conditions caused by inflammation.

Turmeric is also a key player to reduce the levels of cortisol in the body (which is also a contributor to inflammation itself…) Cortisol, aka ‘the stress hormone’ can wreak havoc with your sleep, appetite, energy levels, and cause you to store belly fat.

Great… so what else have these Monkeys decided I need post pain cave…

White Willow Bark & Serrapeptase – two more anti-inflammatory agents... Bromaline (aka le’Pinapple), papain, fungal protease & bacillus subtillis - a bunch of proteolytic enzymes.  Enzymes help us break down proteins, assist in the super speedy reactions of our CNS (central nervous system). Fundamentally, on a cellular level – enzymes support the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reeeeally cleverly they’ve combined all these with Bioperine, a really cool patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits that actually increases the bioavailability of nutritional compounds – so you absorb more of them. Nice one Monkey.

The other 2 funky sounding blends; the ‘Connective Tissue Support Matrix’ & the ‘Bone Support Matrix’ also have some cleverly combined ingredients that (in all honesty) I was SO impressed with!

MSM (or methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is the 3rd largest compound found in the human body; Used alongside glucosamine it can help with chronic joint pain (osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis), leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disorders, bursitis, tendonitis, the development of scar tissue and the list GOES ON.

These are all ingredients (or supplements) I have used before in the past (had great results with) but just gradually stopped using.  Mostly due to the laborious task of sorting my supplements out into neat little ‘pill organisers’… with a morning, lunch and evening section… when I just wanted to be spending my time watching Olympic lifting on YouTube…

Anyway, I digress...

Bionic – Muscle Soreness Assist may not have magically cured me of the dreaded DOMs on all occasions, but I tell you this… there was a few occasions where normally I’d swell up.  Box jumps, pistols and lunges all have a tendency to make me a little puffy and sore.  But midway through my month on the course of these rattlers I noticed a legit reduction in the redness (that is a sexy side effect) of my knees and ankles…

My shoulders felt more stable, my back didn’t light up for days following high volume deadlifts… and my niggly wrist has gone very quiet… coincidence?  Surely not.  Bionic – muscle soreness assist has legitimately proven ingredients that will have helped my body rid the toxins build up through the stress of exercise and the inflammation and damage therein.

I don’t know what scares me most… the impending CrossFit open, or the thought of doing it without my Bionic.  

I’d better order some more!


Emelye (aka ‘Woo’) first discovered CrossFit in October 2014, when looking for something to channel her energies. It immediately became a part of her daily routine and not 4 months later she was entering competitions and setting huge goals.

Current achievements to date include: * Top 250 in the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games 'The-Open' - Meridian Region * 26th (Semi-finalist) @ Battle of the Beasts - Oct 2016 * 3rd @ Icon Online Championships - Jan 2016 * 2nd @ Firestorm2 Comp - Dec 2016 * 6th @ Coalition Games - Team Imperium - Oct 2016 * 1st @'Doing it for the Dogs' - Dec 2016 * 1st @ Battle Royale – Jan 2017

Emelye originally trained at The Guilford School of Acting in musical theatre & taught these disciplines alongside being a jobbing actress. Also a L3 Pilates instructor, Emelye specialises in ‘p'rehabilitation’ exercise, as a means of preventing injury, not treating it.

She is a huge advocate of building people up and helping them realise their full potential, peanut butter on porridge, smashing her phone screen, dancing during an EMOM, forgetting to take rest days, her beloved cats, short shorts and bicep curls…

CrossFit level 1 Advanced Pilates Level 3 British Gymnastics Advanced Proficiency Award – Gold NMA Female Athlete of the Year 2015 First Aid, CPR & De-fibrillation Level 3 Self-awarded clumsy level 6.

We are very proud to have Emelye on board our team of awesome athletes!

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