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Winter's Coming

The dark nights are well and truly upon us. With it will come festivities, drink and merriment, along with man flu, colds and viruses. Some people seem to have a constant sniffle on through the winter months and public places and transport become a breeding ground for infections. Are ...

Protein - Quality Vs Cheap In The Battle For Value

With so many supplement companies claiming their protein powders are the best, have the highest BV and use the best flavouring systems, you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to start when choosing which one to buy. There are only really three rules :-  1) Always choose a single source wit...

Alcohol, Organ Function & Testosterone Production

It is common knowledge that alcohol imposes great stresses on the liver, inhibiting normal function and therefore preventing this “chemical processing plant” from effectively removing toxins from the blood. It is also well known that alcohol has negative effects on the brain, disrupting synaptic ...