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Juicing Vs Smoothies

If there’s one thing that takes a lot of shit on the chin, it’s juicing (see also CrossFit). Particularly with the advent of juice cleanses that prescribe nothing but juice for seven days with the promise of weight loss.Well… erm, yes friend, if you have nothing but juice for a week then you’re f...

Body Image and Health

It’s becoming the talk of our time, and now even Vin Diesel is weighing in on the act. Body image, fat shaming, call it what you will, it’s got people torn, confused and shouting at strangers online VIA CAPS LOCK!!!!We ourselves had our wrists slapped last year by some social justice warriors whe...

Gym Stereotypes

We’re pretty sure that everyone starts at the gym with the best intentions; get fit, build muscle, lose weight etc, but before long, people tend to slip into at least one familiar gym stereotype. Humans are creatures of habit and this fact is never more evident than when you are at the gym. There...