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Training on the Road

Working away from home and regularly travelling can be a real problem when it comes to staying healthy and movement. One man who fully understands the pressures of a packed travel schedule, is One Direction's personal strength and conditioning coach, Mark Jarvis. Mark works closely with all le...

Ditch this in 2015!

By now the internet is awash with swashbuckling articles on why you failed on last year’s resolutions, why you will fail this year and what you should do instead.   This often involves joining a particular gym or signing up to a long term commitment with a Herbalife distributor.  Now because not...

The Truth About BCAAs

With an array of amino acid powders and pills on the market promising to boost strength, improve body composition and augment rapid recovery, it’s understandable that most people are confused about how amino acids actually work. When your favourite, trusted supplement company tells you that you ...