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Meet Daniel Strauss

Congratulations on being awarded your BJJ black belt by Roger Gracie. How did that feel? It was obviously a huge honour to receive my black belt from Roger, I’ve been waiting for it for some time now so it’s a big relief to finally be awarded it. My main goal is to compete with the best in the wo...

Motivational Pearls

Protein & Pearls is the brainchild of Kirsty Sulston, Lauren Barber and Sarah Crichton, who share a mutual passion for everything nutrition, lifting weights … and smashing life in general! There are buckets of motivational messages out there on the web, but it’s inspiring to see how three ‘no...

Meet Amy Rigby

You started taking your training seriously after the birth of your daughter, what made you hit the gym?  I really enjoyed being pregnant and loved piling on the weight as I watched my bump grow. It was only afterwards when I was diagnosed with post-natal depression that I knew something needed t...