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Breaking News - The Egg

The humble egg received a pretty bad reputation in the 80s and 90s. An egg a day and your doctor would be horrified at you. Six eggs a day and you might as well speak to an undertaker. Cholesterol was of course the subject upon which this demonization revolved around.  Studies were showing a co...

Meet Louis Brogan

Have you always been athletic and strong? I’d say so, I’ve always been into sports and I started lifting weights when I was about fourteen, just small dumbells, little 2.5s, but it was a start. When I was 18 I joined a gym, it didn’t take long for me to start progressing and my triceps, chest an...

The Beauty of Strength

  Two years in the making, Amy Watkinson, is a vision of health, capable of lifting twice her body weight, stronger than the average guy in the gym and sporting an eye catching athletic physique. Amy has ditched her old “skinny fat” body and adopted a new way of thinking about how women should t...