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Most Wanted - Sean 'Beef' Keefe and Zoran 'Z' Dubaic

1. Briefly describe your background and how you found yourself in your current role as a coach/gym owner? (Sean) Well let's see how far to take this one back. I went to university in Liverpool to study sports development and physical education. During this time I joined a gym and at the time I g...

Most Wanted - David 'the professor' Green

We speak to one of the North West's most wanted coaches, David Green, to find out more about the man behind the results. After working with a list of top professional athletes, David opens up on the methods and principles he employs and the coaches that have inspired his own journey: Briefly des...

A Guide to Health and Fitness Bullshit

Of all the topics that get banded around at Monkey Nutrition HQ, fitness industry bullshit is perhaps the most popular and widely discussed.  We’re not talking about changes and adaptions in knowledge. This happens as we evolve and improve our learning through experience and new information.  We’...