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Our Story.

Monkey Nutrition is a new kind of beast in a supplement world that too often markets poor quality products full of empty promises. We take care to ensure that each product uses the optimum ingredients for maximum impact on your growth, recovery and well-being. More importantly, we strongly advocate the supporting role our supplements play to a clean diet and consistent training schedule. Since we shook the supplement world in 2011 by launching a new level of quality, we’ve become the go to choice for those that demand more for their money. Our customers are the reason we do this and their success is what we measure our success by. Our TrustPilot reviews support this level of commitment to providing the highest quality products coupled with the best customer service in the business.

Who We Are.

Our staff are dedicated to sourcing the most bioavailable ingredients and providing formulations that go beyond the dogmatic, copycat supplements that have flooded the protein and supplements market in recent times.

With teams on both sides of the Atlantic that include some of the world’s leading food scientists, no expense is spared in designing the very best in nutrition, protein and supplementation.

What We Do

We bypass fads, gimmicks, cheap ingredients and fillers, to bring you performance driven products, supported by science and sourced in nature. Each formulation spares no expense in sourcing the highest grade ingredients to deliver uncompromising quality. We don’t just claim this, it’s supported in our numbers. As fitness enthusiasts around the world continue to raise the bar on what’s possible, we will continue to match that drive with outstanding supplements to support those endeavours.

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Trustpilot Reviews.

Excellent 9.7/10 519 reviews on Trustpilot


Love the M-Detox!

Decided to give this a go as some of my friends had recommended it to me and I have been so impressed with the results! It has really complimented my healthy eating plan and set my 2016 off to an amazing start! Its really kick started my weight loss so far - highly recommended!.


Absolutely incredible.

Great products, great service, great everything..


Fantastic, so much bang for your buck!

I have had a number of Monkey Nutrition Products now and have come to truly love the brand. The Primal26 protein in French Vanilla was my first item and it just blows all other protein shakes I've had out of the water, including tasting fantastic. I've now also had the M-Detox, green tea and purchased the Christmas bundle as a gift for my partner, which went down extremely well. They may not be the cheapest on the market but they're a prime example of 'you get what you pay for'. I'm so impressed with the superior quality of everything I've ordered from them and I'll continue to be a loyal customer..


1st Class Company

Very pleased with delivery time & great products..


Great product and customer service

After a recent frustrated review for lack of delivery, MN quickly looked into the issue and resolved it practically immediately. I cannot state how impressed I am with their rapid service. (n.b. it was a delivery company error here in Germany) As ever I have never had anything negative to say about the products themselves and am continued to be impressed by them and would highly recommend them to anyone.


Great service

great products too.