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Product Focus - E-Bomb

What Is E-Bomb? Monkey E-Bomb is a sugar free, safe and natural alternative to those nasty energy drinks, which seem to find their way into gym bags all around the world! By combining traditional plants, roots and herbs with B-vitamins, minerals and just enough caffeine, E-Bomb provides you with...

The Greedy Brain, Recovery & Increased Cognitive Function

It is common knowledge that glycogen is the muscles form of energy and therefore fuelling up before exercise is of paramount importance in order to achieve a rigorous level of endurance, but what about the brain? If you take a minute to think about the activity in the old grey matter during each ...


Monkey's head of marketing, Neil Kirwan, talks about his recent experiences in a CrossFit box: I said it, Crossfit, ooh… dirty word!  If you’re looking for another article that spends paragraph after paragraph bitching on CrossFit then you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s commoner than baron v...