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Vitality Bundle - Health & Vitality

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A complimentary mix of supplements designed to enhance digestion, boost immunity and increase overall vitality.

Herbivore (907g): Herbivore is a vegan friendly protein blend derived from the best plant sources of protein nature has to offer. Each serving provides 20g (21g for Madagascan Vanilla) of biologically active, easily digested protein and includes sources known for their nutrient density, such as Sacha Inchi, Spirulina and Dulse. This plant based protein blend is easy on the digestive system, will assist energy levels and contribute to overall vitality.

Vitalis: Vitalis superfood powder has been formulated to assist the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, help improve electrolyte balance, increase antioxidant levels, assist a reduction in stress and regulate the normal functioning of the immune & nervous systems.

White Monkey Paw Green Tea: Our green tea is an exquisite antioxidant rich tea ideal for green tea newbies, whilst being equally enticing to the connoisseur. A green tea first thing in the morning will have a positive impact on health over time.

Digestive MX: You're not what you eat, but rather what you digest! Improve your digestion and get the most out of your foods with our advanced digestive enzyme complex.

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Take 1 scoop of Herbivore with either water or almond milk/coconut milk, once to twice daily. Take 1 scoop of Vitalis with water (or add to a fruit smoothie). Due to the high amounts of B vitamins present, Vitalis should be consumed with food. Alternatively, mix both Herbivore and Vitalis together with some fruit and blend to make a great breakfast smoothie. Take 1-2 Digestive MX capsules with each main meal. Brew 1-2 tsp of White Monkey Paw tea for 3 minutes and enjoy. Have 1-2 cups of this each day.


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