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Post-Easter Fat Burner Bundle

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This Easter, get back into shape with a selection of our best selling weight loss supplements. Take advantage of this awesome offer and save 25%!

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Primal26 (840g): Award Winning (Men's Health UK Magazine) Whey Protein Isolate derived from the highest quality milk, sourced from one of the world's most reputable dairy companies and processed to give you unmatched biological activity! This non-GMO formula uses sunflower lecithin.

Digestive MX: Digestive enzymes are vital for managing body weight. Digestive MX contains pH optimum digestive enzymes in a complex designed to increase enzymatic activity and improve digestion. By breaking down protein into amino acids, fats and hidden sugars found in many food stuffs, digestive enzymes helps to increase your overall vitality and ensures easier weight loss over time.

Therma-Rip: Weight Management Complex - Combines thermogenics, metabolic and adrenal stimulants, appetite supressants, diuretics, glucose disposal agents and thyroid regulators, as well as immunity enhancing ingredients. Use Therma-Rip as directed on the label or as a pre-workout aid, either way you'll see and feel the difference.

Fish Oil: 1000mg (700mg DHA and EPA Complex) - Extracted from cold water fish harvested in South American waters. A premium quality fish oil should be a regular addition to any supplement regime. Rich in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, fish oil has been shown to support a healthy heart by enhancing cardiovascular function during exercise, as well as supporting balanced function of hormones and neurotransmitters. The essential fatty acids found in fish oil have also been shown to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and improve immune system function. As well as assisting weight loss when used in correct dosages.

Coconut Oil: Gives a metabolic boost, playing a vital role in the fight against belly fat, whilst helping with satiety and boosting immunity. The MCTs in coconut oil are easily digested to give an instant energy boost, making it an ideal choice for athletes and gym goers alike.

Creatine: Vital for the increased production of energy in muscle, our creatine provides a much quicker conversion into energy than other products on the market. This is due to the combination of creatine HCL and creatine monohydrate, which is shown to have much more effective plasma uptake in the blood and muscles than monohydrate alone. Creatine HCL will not lead to unwanted water retention or bloating and when combined with the correct ratio of monohydrate and pyruvate, will result in a more efficient increase in strength and power in the long term, when compared to other sources alone. 

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For best results:

Take 1 scoop of Primal26 twice daily to supplement your protein intake. Take 1-2 Fish Oil soft gels with each main meal to increase your intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids. Take 1-2 Digestive MX with each meal (2 with particularly large meals). Take 1 Therma-Rip tablet with 250ml of water 30-45 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Or take 1 tablet with breakfast and 1 tablet as part of your pre-workout. Take 3 Creatine tablets 45 mins pre-workout and 3 tablets immediately post-workout. Stir 1/2 teaspoon of Coconut Oil into black coffee or green tea. Mix into smoothies and shakes to add energizing MCTs to your diet. Use in various cooking applications, or just eat raw off the spoon!

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