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Fighter Bundle - Weight Cut

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Ideal for weight cuts, this bundle will assist weight reduction whilst helping you to maintain energy levels.

Herbivore (907g): Vegan friendly protein blend derived from the best plant sources of protein nature has to offer. Each serving provides 20g (21g for Madagascan Vanilla) of biologically active, easily digested protein and includes sources known for their nutrient density, such as Sacha Inchi, Spirulina and Dulse. By cutting down on animal products and using a plant based protein powder during weight cuts, you'll make the whole process much easier!

Digestive MX: Digestive enzymes are vital for managing body weight. Digestive MX contains pH optimum digestive enzymes in a complex designed to increase enzymatic activity and improve digestion. By breaking down protein into amino acids, fats and hidden sugars found in many food stuffs, digestive enzymes helps to increase your overall vitality and ensures an easier weight cut over time.

Therma-Rip: Weight Management Complex - Combines thermogenics, metabolic and adrenal stimulants, appetite supressants, diuretics, glucose disposal agents and thyroid regulators, as well as immunity enhancing ingredients. Use Therma-Rip as directed on the label or as a pre-workout aid, either way you'll see and feel the difference.

Fish Oil: 1000mg (700mg DHA and EPA Complex) - Extracted from cold water fish harvested in South American waters.The essential fatty acids found in fish oil have been shown to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and improve immune system function. As well as assisting weight cuts when used in correct dosages (consult your coach), Fish Oil helps to reduce the incidence of concussion.

CLA: Omega 6 - Clinically proven to help reduce body fat whilst maintaining lean tissue.

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Take 1 scoop of Herbivore once to twice daily, mixed with water or added to a morning smoothie. Take 1-2 Digestive MX with each meal. Take 2 CLA with 2 Fish Oil at each meal. Take 1 Therma-Rip tablet with 250ml of water 30-45 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Or take 1 tablet with breakfast and 1 tablet as part of your pre-workout.




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