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Autumn Morning Stack - Immune & Vitality

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Selected for their ability to raise your vitality on those cold, damp Autumn mornings, this combination of products can also be used as and when you feel under the weather.

Fish Oil: Increases your intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, essential for a healthy heart, joint mobility and cognitive function. As well as the many health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, these healthy fats help to increase the absorption of D3. Together these two supplements provide a myriad of preventative benefits, helping to keep viral infections at bay.

Super D3: Monkey Super D3 is sourced from lanolin which allows for higher activity in the body than other forms, as it mimics the natural process by which your body produces vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. Supplementing with D3 is particularly important at this time of the year, as hours of sunlight become less and less.

White Monkey Paw Green Tea: Our green tea is an exquisite antioxidant rich tea ideal for green tea newbies, whilst being equally enticing to the connoisseur.

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For best results:

Take 1 Super D3 with 1-2 Fish Oil first thing in the morning with your breakfast. Take 1-2 Fish Oil at lunch and again with dinner. Fill a tea sack (provided) with 2 teaspoons of White Monkey Paw, fold the top of the bag over and place in cup. Pour boiling water over and leave to brew for 2-3 minutes, enjoy. 2 or 3 green teas a day will help to raise your vitality.

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