Training Outside of The Lactic Acid System

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Training Outside of The Lactic Acid System

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For the development of strength, speed and power it is essential that an athlete train outside the lactic energy system.

"The presence of lactic acid destroys mitochondria, which in turn, hinders recovery"
~ James "The Thinker" Smith

"Lactic training is too slow for speed development, and too fast to recover from in 24 hours"
~ Charlie Francis

"Being in a lactic state is the ultimate "dead zone" for a power athlete."
~ Joe defranco and James "Smitty" Smiths, Speed manual

Unfortunately, most sport coaches fail to realise which energy systems are used in any given sport. They also fail to improve the output of those particular energy systems. Mike Guadango (Defrancos gym) first brought this to my attention and opened my eyes to how much lactic training MMA Fighters and boxers actually do whilst working on their skill. They incorporate further lactic conditioning whilst also trying to develop strength and power; the mind boggles!

When you start to understand maximum outputs against operational outputs, you truly begin to understand how terrible some training sessions are and no one is ever in a situation where they can properly recover.

In a game setting, you cannot work at maximal outputs consistently: the environment isn't optimal nor is the athlete’s energy reserve due to insufficient recovery. However, the higher the athletes maximal output, the higher their potential operational output will be during competition.

If you are always in a zone of what they have to do (operational output), you're never improving what they can do (maximal output).

The higher your maximal outputs, the less energy you have to expend to operate in the field of what you have to do and as a result it increases because the maximum increases. You can improve work capacity without doing any endurance by simply improving maximum outputs!
~ James "The Thinker" Smith

Tonight's workout at a local boxing club...

A. 2 minutes skipping, 1 minute rest x3 rounds

B. 3 minutes punching the bags constant, 1 minute rest x5 rounds

C. Sit-ups 3x20

Tonight's workout with our boxer...

1. Explosive bag work, one, two jab and back hand x4. 30 seconds rest between rounds. x10 rounds
Rest 1 minute
2. DB squat jumps x4. 30 seconds rest between rounds. x10 rounds
Rest 1 minute
3. Rotational medball throws x4. 30 seconds between rounds. x10 rounds.
4. RKC Planks 3x45 seconds.

David Green is a CPPS certified strength & conditioning coach and founder of Strongest Version online coaching.




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