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Starting the week well and then tapering off, making excuses and allowing other commitments to get in the way or just straight up laziness. The reasons for avoiding the gym are numerable and varied. Lack of motivation and the ease of turning a blind eye to your own poor levels of commitment often get in the way of an athletic physique. Many people will claim: “Once I’m there I’m OK, it’s just getting there.”

And that’s the key. It’s not the quality of training that makes the biggest difference. Consistency is perhaps the biggest factor that differentiates those who achieve and those who don’t.

For many, physical activity begins and ends at the gym. The two or three times a week, usual a Monday and Wednesday when you can find the drive.

It’s not enough.

With our hectic schedules and propensity to let ourselves off the hook, two or three times will very often become once weekly. The rest of the time we’re being social or chained to a desk for eight hours a day.  We wonder why we’re not making the gains we want.

Our bodies need exercise on a daily basis and if like the majority of people, you have a sedentary job then you’re under using it. If this doesn’t apply to you then well done. There are people who work their body hard daily at work or have a reverent dedication to their gym schedule. It would be fair to say that these people are in the minority.

The gym is an ideal place to meet your exercise needs but you are not paralyzed without it. Your body is the best multi-gym available to you and as long as you have one, you have access to exercise.

In fact, an intense 20 minutes on your own (wink wink) can even give greater gains than an hour spent idling in the gym. Members of the armed forces will give testament to this.

There are hundreds of body weight exercises out there that can provide an all over body workout and you can use creativity to keep things interesting and progressing in the right direction. The basics are often the best and here a few examples:

Press ups - With a clap, feet up, wide arm, close grip, handstand against a wall, Hindu press ups, slow press ups, someone on your back press ups, as many as you can do in one go press ups. The possibilities go on and on.

Box jumps - How high can you jump? A great marker of how athletic you are. If you don’t have stable surface to box jump onto then tuck jumps or standing long jumps also work.

Planks - Like the press up, full of variations. Try raising an opposite arm and leg simultaneously.

Pull ups - Every home should have a pull up bar but failing that, every park has something to do pull ups off. Add weight in form of a small child if you have one to hand.

Split Jumps - Need to destroy your legs quickly? I’d be interested to hear of a better way than split jumps

Burpees – Need I say more.

Sometimes even a light stretching and mobility session to help your body recover and stay loose can work wonders in between the times you hit the gym.

The point is simply to move more. You don’t need a gym and you don’t need hours of time.  Build some smaller workouts into your weekly routine and improve the consistency of your workouts.

Don’t neglect your rest and be sure to take at least one full day a week where you do nothing and let your body fully recover. A Monkey Matrix Pak being a quick and easy way to replenish your body with nutrients. Just remember, it all counts and consistency is the key.


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