Five Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

The deadliest is perhaps the truest test of raw strength and it requires no small amount of skill to perform the lift safely. Jake Hartley of Barbell Hart gives his tips on how to chase the big numbers without slipping a disc... read more.

Meet Daniel Strauss

The awesome Daniel Strauss chats to us about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), strong man training and body transformations... read more

Meet Javonne Morrison

Another fight, another belt for Ozzy Haluk's Team Monkey MMA. The latest champ Javonne Morrison talks hill sprints, army training and quads!


This is something taken from Dan John, who maps out five basic movements which everyone should do.

Workout - Burn Fat And Promote Lean Muscle

  The following workout maybe a little intense for beginners and it might be a good idea to spend a few weeks getting to know these exercises. Practising good form with light weights and increasing your stamina with some cardio will prepare you for whats to come. Enjoy! MONDAY: Chest Dumbbell Flyes - Sets:1   Reps:8-12 (medium weight) Bench Press - Sets:1   Reps:8-12 (medium weight) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press - Sets:1   Reps:8-12 (medium weigh...

Workout - Endurance

If you are a beginner you may find this workout particularly mind blowing! To develop your aerobic base (AB) try just taking aspects of the workout and adapting it to suit your abilities. It usually takes 8-12 weeks to develop your AB, so hang in there, take some time to read up on endurance training as a whole and dont forget, diet and body conditioning are extremely important to ensure development within the 8-12 week time frame. Monday I...

Gavin Jones - Workout

This is the workout future 80kg UK Bodybuilding Champ Gavin Jones uses. Gavin designed this to make the best out of his time in the gym, bearing in mind that he also has a full time job. This workout plan along with reps, sets and time changes according to how Gavin feels and to what he thinks his body needs. He may increase the rep range when a competition is just around the corner; usually upping it to 8-12 per set. However, Gavin says this is not something he paricula...

Monkey Circuit Training - How Hard Will You Work?!

This workout includes six different stations, two exercises per station, with suicide shuttle runs between each station. Each station consists of a cardiovascular workout and a muscular endurance workout. This should take 45 seconds per exercise moving straight onto the next exercise (total of 1 minute 30 seconds workout each station) and then straight into suicide shuttle runs – three cones, sprint to each cone and back. When you have completed a station and s...