Meet Louis Brogan

Louis Brogan talks muscle children, training principles, disciplined eating and box jumps.

The Beauty of Strength

David Green of FCP talks about women training for strength and the misconceptions that come with this.

Are You Exercising or Training?

Been smashing the gym since day one of 2014? Still not seeing results. Then you need to make like the A-Team and pull a plan together. FCP's David Green talks through the basic principles of super compensation and the laws of accommodation.

Meet Javonne Morrison

Another fight, another belt for Ozzy Haluk's Team Monkey MMA. The latest champ Javonne Morrison talks hill sprints, army training and quads!

Meet Eszter Pati

We spoke to our favourite Hungarian, Monkey Nutrition’s Eszter Pati, on the week of her win at the UKBFF. She gives us the lowdown on her busy training schedule and offers up some pearls of wisdom for anyone looking to get in shape.


Struggling to push on with your bench press numbers? The Professor, David Green, has some words of wisdom to get you back on an upward curve.


Improve the way you move

Having adequate mobility and good movement quality is an extremely important thing if you want to be healthy, and perform well. However, a significant chunk of people don’t pay any attention to their mobility, and this coupled with a prolonged amount of time sitting (either at a desk, in a car or both) means most people don’t move optimally.


This is something taken from Dan John, who maps out five basic movements which everyone should do.

Anytime, Anyplace

Starting the week well and then tapering off, making excuses and allowing other commitments to get in the way or just straight up laziness. The reasons for avoiding the gym are numerable and varied. Lack of motivation and the ease of turning a blind eye to your own poor levels of commitment often get in the way of an athletic physique. Many people will claim: “Once I’m there I’m OK, it’s just getting there.” And that’s the key. It’s not the quality of training that makes the bigges...

Workout - Burn Fat And Promote Lean Muscle

  The following workout maybe a little intense for beginners and it might be a good idea to spend a few weeks getting to know these exercises. Practising good form with light weights and increasing your stamina with some cardio will prepare you for whats to come. Enjoy! MONDAY: Chest Dumbbell Flyes - Sets:1   Reps:8-12 (medium weight) Bench Press - Sets:1   Reps:8-12 (medium weight) Incline Dumbbell Bench Press - Sets:1   Reps:8-12 (medium weigh...