Does Music Really Effect Your Workout?

Can music change the way you lift, the speed of the bar, the tempo? Of course it can, Jake Hartley discovers just how much... read more

Sport specificity - What does it even mean?

We speak to one of the UK's most respected S&C coaches about becoming stronger for your chosen sport... read more


Training on the Road

As trainer for One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer, Mark Jarvis has more experience than most when it comes to managing health and exercise around a gruelling work schedule... read more

The Truth About BCAAs

We give it to you straight on BCAA supplements and why they're a waste of your time and money... read more

Five Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

The deadliest is perhaps the truest test of raw strength and it requires no small amount of skill to perform the lift safely. Jake Hartley of Barbell Hart gives his tips on how to chase the big numbers without slipping a disc... read more.

Sleep - The Silent Killer

Sleep, do you understand how much your body needs it? Find out why sleep quality should be on everyone's priority list... read more

A Guide to Health and Fitness Bullshit

Meet Daniel Strauss

The awesome Daniel Strauss chats to us about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), strong man training and body transformations... read more

Meet Amy Rigby


Team Monkey's Amy Rigby talks to us about juggling her role as a mum with a busy work life, clean nutrition and a packed training schedule.


Meet Javonne Morrison

Another fight, another belt for Ozzy Haluk's Team Monkey MMA. The latest champ Javonne Morrison talks hill sprints, army training and quads!
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