Serious as Cancer

Do we waste vast amounts of money on a  cure for cancer, when our focus should be on prevention?

Meet Luciana Del Giudice

The Brazilian bombshell that is Luciana Del Giudice brings some much needed Latin flair to Team Monkey!

Dad Bods

We were pretty suspicious when the dad bod craze came out this year. Taste in women has always been a subjective, fluctuating thing. Some men like big butts (and they cannot lie), some like slim waists, big thighs, dainty feet, some just like big, big, beautiful, milky, round... eyes. Throughout the course of history, woman on the other hand have been pretty consistent. From the days of ancient Greece it's been a case of show me the muscle, not too much, just enough to look like you care. T...

Product Focus - Digestive MX

What Are Enzymes? Enzymes are not just about digestion (digestive enzymes), they are necessary for every biological process (metabolic enzymes) in the body; low enzyme function leads to impaired energy production and degenerative diseases over time. Eating healthy and following a rigorous exercise protocol may not necessarily be enough to ensure healthy enzyme function, as other factors such as chronic stress (leading to sympathetic dominance), lack of sleep, low production of stomach acid, ...

The Art of Swinging


Is it time to take your swinging to the next level?

Product Focus – Monkey Creatine

What Is It? Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid produced in the liver and formed as a result of normal protein metabolism (in other words, it’s a natural substance!), from 3 amino acids: L-arginine, glycine and L-methionine. It is present in living tissue (over 90% is found in skeletal muscle) and supplies energy to cells all over the body - creatine is particularly important for muscular contraction. The ability of creatine to minimise protein breakdown, hydrate and provide energy for the...

Does Music Really Affect Your Workout?

Can music change the way you lift, the speed of the bar, the tempo? Of course it can, Jake Hartley discovers just how much... read more

Sport specificity - What does it even mean?

We speak to one of the UK's most respected S&C coaches about becoming stronger for your chosen sport... read more


The Truth About BCAAs

We give it to you straight on BCAA supplements and why they're a waste of your time and money... read more

Five Tips to Improve Your Deadlift

The deadliest is perhaps the truest test of raw strength and it requires no small amount of skill to perform the lift safely. Jake Hartley of Barbell Hart gives his tips on how to chase the big numbers without slipping a disc... read more.

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