Meet Daniel Strauss

The awesome Daniel Strauss chats to us about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), strong man training and body transformations... read more

Meet Amy Rigby


Team Monkey's Amy Rigby talks to us about juggling her role as a mum with a busy work life, clean nutrition and a packed training schedule.


Meet Javonne Morrison

Another fight, another belt for Ozzy Haluk's Team Monkey MMA. The latest champ Javonne Morrison talks hill sprints, army training and quads!


This is something taken from Dan John, who maps out five basic movements which everyone should do.

A Brief Look Into The Importance Of Carbs

Carbohydrates are the most efficient nutritional source for the bodies energy requirements, converting to glucose much more freely than proteins and fats. Every single cell in the body utilizes glucose for fuel and most of this glucose (provided through the metabolism of carbs) is stored in skeletal muscle and the liver as glycogen. The rest is carried around in the bloodstream to supply your brain and other organs. When you exercise and your blood sugars drop the glycogen stores serve as a r...

Insulin - The Anabolic Regulator

INSULIN - 'THE ANABOLIC REGULATOR'  Insulin is quite possibly the most misunderstood hormone amongst strength athletes and this is due to its connection with carbohydrates. As you may already know, high levels of insulin promote fat synthesis and at the same time decrease the break down of the fat. However the degree to which insulin promotes fat storage, as well as carb storage and protein synthesis at any one time, depends on an individuals body state. This is all to do with the degre...

Monkey M-Fusion ...Before, During Or After Your Workout

It is important to understand exactly what is occurring within your body during and after exercise and to address this accordingly. Once you do this the gains you seek to achieve will come thick and fast! During exercise you lose vitamins and minerals and increase the adrenal production of the stress hormone Cortisol; leading to an increase in protein degradation (it eats your muscle!), a decrease in protein synthesis and a weakened immune system. In response to the stresses of intense exe...

Monkey Primal26 - Whey Protein Isolate, Under The Microscope

When purchasing a protein product it is important you understand what you are actually getting for your money. Most brands will blind you with science, putting emphasis on trade marked super protein complexes. This is all very well if they are going to give you a break down of  these complexes, showing  amounts for each ingredient, but they don't. The reason for this is because although the various protein combinations sound great, the relatively tiny amounts of each different protein or othe...

Dehydroepiandrosterone DHEA

DHEA is a steroidal product of the adrenal glands and is the most abundant circulating steroid in the human body. The body converts DHEA to testosterone ( in men ) and estrogen ( in women ) and levels tend to peak at age 20 and decline thereafter. As decline sets in at such an early stage in life, supplementation of DHEA is important and is said to help slow the ageing process as well as improve mood and relieve depression. Its main use in athletics is as a testosterone booster. S...


Flavones are a class of flavonoids (a class of plant secondary metabolites also known as vitamin P and citrin), or in simple terms an important yellow pigment occurring on the leaves or in the stems and seeds of plants.  Flavones are found in cereals and herbs and are said to have beneficial effects against osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus and some cancers Methoxyisoflavone is a powerful non hormonal anabolic compound originally discovered by a Hungarian company over 30 years ago, althou...
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